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Exciting news and changes in Norwegian Maritime Services

Change of ownership, new name and address, and a strengthened team. We have important news to share with you.

The last couple of months have been very special and hectic for all of us in Norwegian Maritime Services. In May Johannes Østensjø Dy AS entered the company as new owner. In this regard Roald Larsen replaced Stacy Ferkingstad as Managing Director. 

New name and address
As of 17th of October we will have a new name – and also a new address. From this day, Norwegian Maritime Services’ name will be Mercator Crewing, with Strandgata 170, 5525 Haugesund as our new location.

We will also change e-mail and web address. The new web site will be mercatorcrewing.com. A list of all new e-mail addresses is attached in this e-mail. Our former addresses will be rerouted to our new ones for a period.

A strengthened team
Even if the last months have resulted in a lot of changes, we are excited about the future.

All former NMS employees will join Mercator Crewing. We are also happy to announce that due to increased workload we have had the pleasure of employing and strengthen our team in both Norway and Poland.